Autumn on a Boat In Italy

Discover the Magic of Autumn on a Boat In Italy: Rent a Dufour Catamaran in October

Experience the Tranquility of Autumn on a Sailboat: Rent a Dufour Catamaran in October to Rejuvenate Before Winter

Autumn is an extraordinary season to enjoy the sea on a boat in Italy, and what better way to do it than aboard a sailboat or a Dufour catamaran? The month of October offers a unique atmosphere for an escape from the daily routine before the onset of winter. If you wish to extend your summer and make the most of October’s promotions from all our charter bases, choose Marina Yacht Charter. In the fall, we offer weekly rentals and long weekends to indulge in the splendor of this spectacular season. Here are the events, festivals, and fairs in the destinations that our bases touch in San Vincenzo, Cannigione, and Salerno.

Not Just the Sea for Your Autumn on a Boat In Italy :

October is the perfect time to rent a Dufour catamaran and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the sea. With fewer tourists around, you can enjoy the beauty of the coastal waters in complete calmness. The fresh breeze and crisp air surround you as you sail through the crystal-clear waters. It’s a unique experience that only autumn can offer. Waking up in a serene bay for sunrise yoga, taking scenic hiking trails, and savoring seafood and light dishes to balance the excesses of summer before winter and cold weather return you home.

Weekly Rental or Weekend? How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Yourself:

If you still have time for a longer adventure or are working remotely, the weekly rental is the ideal choice. With a full week at your disposal, you can explore new destinations and experience the thrill of making the catamaran your second home.

For those with limited vacation time seeking a brief escape, we also offer weekend rentals in October. These two or three days can be surprisingly rejuvenating, necessary before the true onset of winter.

The Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Sardinia, and Corsica have long been some of the most captivating Mediterranean destinations. Known not only for their crystal-clear seas and breathtaking views but also for their rich cultural and culinary traditions. During the months of October and November, these areas host a series of events, festivals, and fairs that offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. To experience (not only) the beauty of the sea:

From Salerno:

Chestnut Festival in Scala (in October): This autumn festival celebrates the chestnut season. During the event, you can savor delicious chestnut-based dishes like roasted chestnuts and chestnut desserts. It’s an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the autumn atmosphere.

Fish Festival in Cetara (late October): Cetara is famous for its fishing tradition, and the Fish Festival is a significant culinary event. During the festival, the streets fill with stalls serving fresh fish dishes, particularly “acciugata,” a local specialty.

St. Matthew’s Fair in Maiori (October – November): This fair spans several weeks and is dedicated to St. Matthew, the patron saint of Maiori. The celebrations include processions, fireworks, concerts, and stalls with local products and crafts.

St. Luke’s Fair in Ravello (mid-October): This traditional festival celebrates St. Luke the Evangelist. Throughout the day, Ravello comes to life with markets, gastronomic stands, and cultural performances. It’s an opportunity to explore this beautiful town.

Participating in these fairs and festivals is a wonderful way to discover the culture, gastronomy, and hospitality of the Amalfi Coast during October and November, before returning on board and sailing amidst the rosy hues of an autumn sunset.

From San Vincenzo, Tuscany:

St. Martin’s Fair in Portoferraio, Elba (November 11): This traditional fair is held in Portoferraio in honor of St. Martin. During the fair, the streets of the historic center come alive with stalls featuring local products, crafts, and traditional food.

Chestnut Festival in Capoliveri, Elba (October): The chestnut festival is dedicated to this tasty nut and offers the opportunity to taste typical dishes made from chestnuts.

Rabbit Festival in Giglio Castello (October – November): This festival is dedicated to rabbit dishes, allowing you to savor traditional recipes made with rabbit meat.

Totano Squid Festival in Capraia (from October 27 to November 5): An unmissable event that has been offering sailing enthusiasts the chance to taste amazing Tuscan squid since 2000. Two main events are the Squid Fishing Competition and the weighing of the squid caught, which takes place at the end of the competition at La Salata. Stalls and (squid) everywhere.

From Cannigione, Sardinia:

Seadas Festival in Cannigione (in October): Seadas are typical Sardinian sweets, and this festival is dedicated to these delicacies. You can taste freshly made Seadas during the event.

St. Cyprian’s Fair in Porto-Vecchio (in November): This traditional fair takes place in Porto-Vecchio and includes stalls with local products, crafts, and traditional foods.

St. Nicholas Festival in Bonifacio (December 5-6): Although a bit beyond November, this festival is one of the most important in southern Corsica and includes processions, traditional performances, and Corsican cuisine.

From Portorosa, Sicily:

Fish Festival in Tonnarella di Furnari (in October): This festival celebrates local seafood and offers the opportunity to taste fresh fish dishes prepared according to traditional Sicilian recipes.

Arancino Festival in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (in October): Arancini are beloved Sicilian snacks, and this festival is dedicated to these delicious street foods. You can savor arancini filled with various flavors and ingredients.

Not least, the enchantment of the Aeolian Islands, beyond admiring volcanoes and its turquoise waters:

St. Bartholomew’s Festival in Lipari (in October): This religious festival is celebrated with processions, cultural events, and stalls featuring typical island products.

Tatarà Festival in Salina (in October): Tatarà is a traditional dish of the Aeolian Islands made with swordfish, tomatoes, and onions. This festival is dedicated to this delicacy.

Pane Cunzatu Festival in Filicudi (in November): Pane Cunzatu is a typical dish of the Aeolian Islands consisting of bread seasoned with olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, anchovies, and more. The festival offers the opportunity to savor this delicacy.

Participating in these fairs and festivals is a wonderful way to discover the local culture, gastronomy, and hospitality of the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Sardinia, and Corsica during the months of October and November. What could be more magical than returning on board after a meal and sailing immersed in the pink hues of an autumn sunset?

Don’t let winter arrive; book your Autumn Boat Weekend in Italy with Marina Yacht Charter now.

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