Catamaran luxury holidays

A catamaran is the best type of charter boat that you can find to spend your vacation. On the exterior you can fin wide-open spaces for sunbathing. A large cockpit at the stern communicates straight with the inside living room and the kitchen. All this without any height difference. Inside as well as outside, the tables are designed to easily host up to 12 people. Even going in the water is easy to do with a climbing ladder and deck showers.

The cabins are spacious and furnished with large wardrobes. Comfortable beds with high quality mattresses that provide home quality sleep. All the bathrooms are spacious and equipped with shower boxes that guarantee your comfort and privacy.

Our yachts are equipped with all types of kitchenware for storing and cooking in order to guarantee a high comfort level onboard. The air conditioning installed in all environments. It has autonomous regulation to always ensures the ideal temperature even in the warmest days.

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The electrical generator will allow you to use all your electrical devices while navigating as well as in port.

The desalination plant provides full autonomy allowing you to take long showers without the fear of remaining without water and being forced to refill in port.

The navigation equipment is amongst the most modern and innovative. Thus it allows an easy boat management that will make passionate about the manoeuvres and sailing even the most unexperienced.

All you have to do is enjoy your vacation with you friends and family like in any Luxury Hotel.

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