Adriatic Coast

His majesty the Gargano, a dip in the Tremiti Islands and off to Croatia.

Sail from Rodi Garganico with MYCharter Catamarans. Experience the magic and flavors of Puglia and continue towards the blue seas of Croatia. Discover our proposals for the Adriatic Sea.

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  • Baia delle Zagare
    Baia delle Zagare
  • Baia delle Zagare
    Baia delle Zagare
  • Brac
  • Mljet
  • Palmizana
  • Pebble beach
    Pebble beach
  • Pizzomunno
  • Trabucchi di Peschici
    Trabucchi di Peschici
  • Tremiti


From the slopes of the Montagna del Sole to the Gulf of Manfredonia. The famous spur of Italy is a microcosm of history and nature. High cliffs, golden beaches, crystal clear sea and mysterious sea caves await you along the Gargano coast. The coastal villages of Rodi Garganico, Vieste, Peschici and Mattinata, retain ancient medieval characteristics. The houses are dazzling white.

Heavenly cliffs overlooking the sea, fjords and small coves of white beach. Among the most spectacular are the Baia delle Zagare, the stacks of Pugnochiuso, the Bay of Campi and the natural arch of San Felice. There are about twenty sea caves along the coast of Vieste. One more beautiful than the other. Navigate to Peschici for a photo of the typical “trabucchi”.

Tremiti Islands

This small archipelago is made up of five tiny islands: San Domino, San Nicola are the only ones to be inhabited. Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa are simple rock formations, which offer sheltered coves and wonderful views.

The best known are Cala delle Arene, Cala Matano, Cala degli Inglesi. In Cala Tamariello it is possible to dock small boats. While Cala Tonda forms a small natural lake. The blue bottoms of the Pagliai stacks are perfect for snorkeling. The Caves of Violets attract many diving enthusiasts. They take their name from the purple color of the calcareous algae that cover it. In San Domino do not miss a visit to the Grotta del Bue Marino. It is 70 meters deep. Followed by the Crocodile Cave and the Elephant Rock.

The Tremiti Islands are home to an ancient seabird species. The Diomedee. According to legend, they were the men of the Greek hero Diomedes, creator of the islands. When he died, Aphrodite transformed them into seagulls with a sad song to mourn their remains. To admire them, just walk along the most rocky and isolated walls.


To the South – Dubrovnik – Mljet- Lastovo – Korkula
In Mljet pay a visit to the Odysseus Cave. You will find ancient and spectacular salt lakes surrounded by pine forests. In the Lastovo National Park, the waters are particularly clear and the sea is full of life. We recommend a stop in Saplum and Lopud on the way between Dubrovnik and Mljet. Korkula deserves a day to visit its coves deserve a snorkeling trip.

In the Center – Brac – Vis – Palmizana – Split
The island of Vis offers wonderful indented coasts that offer sailors hidden and paradisiacal bays. Obligatory stops at the Blue Grotto and in the waters of Bisevo. Palmizana is very popular with tourists. The crystal clear water bathes the rocky coast, surrounded by luxuriant pine trees. Huge flowering cacti, agaves, wild rosemary and bougainvillea make it a beautiful garden by the sea! Circumnavigate Split and you will find a blue and crystal clear sea.

To the North – The Kornati Islands National Park
The Kornati Islands are 141 between islands and atolls. They will remain etched in your mind for their beautiful bays and cliffs. Moor in the beautiful Telascica bay. Zut, Jadra, Vela, Levrnaka, Kurba, Sit, Lavsa and in the beautiful port of Piskera.


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