Amalfi Coast and Phlegraean Islands by catamaran

This is the ideal cruise for whoever wants to visit the islands of the Gulf of Naples. In one week you, can see Procida, Ischia, Capri and the landscape wonders of the Amalfi Coast.

This is the right itinerary for who wants to enjoy in all tranquillity a sea vacation. Thus, you can revel in short sailing periods, marvellous places to visit, shopping time and poise. Sailing is mainly along the coast, particularly designed for a first-time experience.

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Amlafi Coast

Your journey starts at the Salerno base, then you continue alongside the coast of Amalfi. You will definetly not be disappointed by its breath-taking beauty. The whole area is part of UNESCO World Heritage. It offers picturesque landscapes with waterfront villages, colourful houses and white beaches. The cliffs are topped by lush vegetation that scatters the perfume of flowers and local citrus plants.
Leaving Salerno port, a few miles later (about 8nm) we reach the evocative town of Amalfi.
Here you can stay at anchor if the weather conditions allow it in the front bay, facing East/ South-East.
Only 6 miles away from Amalfi we meet Positano. The place has no port or marina. You can stay at anchor weather allowing. In front of the town, you can moor on buoys made available by local moorers, that also offer a taxi-boat service for who desires to come offshore comfortably without using the tender.

Gulf of Naples

Continuing the sail with route towards the island of the Naples Gulf, only 12 miles away, one finds the famous and clamorous isle of Capri that welcomes us with its steep rocky shores that emerge from a blue sea.
From the sea you can already see the elegant villas with flowery gardens filled with expressive colours.
Don’t forget to go see the most famous attraction of Capri, the Faraglioni, which can be admired while at sea; also, don’t miss out the unique ambience that you can experience in the famous ‘Piazzetta’ and in the narrow streets of the village. Fashionable restaurants, bar and shops will keep you busy on the island.


Some other 17 sailing miles and we leave Capri to arrive on Ischia, the largest island of the Neapolitan archipelago. Also called: The Green Island for its flourishing flora. Ischia is the favourite destination for at sea vacations especially for boat holidays. Its 18 miles of beaches, bays and coves, its stupendous landscapes, make Ischia a wonderous place.
Many of Ischia’s beaches are reachable only by sea, like the San Pancrazio beach or the ‘Scarrupata’ beach. Ischia is famous for the numerous thermal springs, unique in the world. As well asfor the many bays and inlets. The mineral sources are combined with the sea fumaroles that flow from the seabed, making the waters very warm and beneficial.

For the ship’s company that wish to spend the night in port, we advise going to Casamicciola. A town with an equipped marina of about 300 berths. A night worth spending at anchor is in S. Angelo, a typical village situated on the southern side of Ischia. There, the ambiance is really exclusive. Definitely the flagship of the island.


Only 2 miles separate Ischia from the archipelago’s smallest island, Procida. It is the least contaminated by wild tourism and luxury, which is what actually makes it even more fascinating. With almost an untouched natural beauty, the island of Procida, proves to be the ideal place to enjoy the true seafarer atmosphere. Characteristic for its fishing villages with pastel-coloured houses, such as the village of Corricella.

A true pearl of the Mediterranean, Massimo Troisi chose it as the set of the famous film ‘Il Postino’. Procida will amaze you with its scenic beauty, the wide beaches, the numerous bays and inlets, the coves scattered along the coast. From a nautical point of view, they offer shelter from any type of wind. The island has three small ports. As main mooring place you have the Marina Grande. Next to it there is also the new tourist port of the island, the Marina di Procida. Marina Corricella is inaccessible to cars and mopeds and preserves exactly the ancient charm of a “fishing village”. The marina is mainly used by boats engaged in fishing, and by small units.

On the way back to Salerno, it will be possible to stop in Sorrento and enjoy the magic of the gulf seen from the sea.

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