Phlegraean Islands and Pontine Islands by catamaran

Ideal itinerary for the ship company that loves sailing and nature

You can do a two-week cruise by choosing well your stops. Thus, you will be able to complete the whole return journey while having covered the most interesting islands and the most evocative places. The legs of journey are not very long and they allow you to be on a new island every day.

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Amalfi Coast

Departing from the Salerno base, we are going straight to Capri undertaking a pleasant sail of about 24 miles alongside the Amalfi Coast.
Capri presents itself as rocky. It seems to have little bays where you can stay at anchor but it is possible to find a sheltered place to spend the night in the Marina Port. The most comfortable solution to visit the town for an aperitivo in the famous and exclusive ‘piazzetta’.

Other 17 miles separate Capri form Ischia. An ideal island to visit by boat, given its many bays and dazzling beaches to stay at anchor. The equipped ports are not missing, such as Marina di Casamicciola, as well as the various land-based services. We recommend to visit the island and maybe even treating yourself to a relaxing day in one of the many spas for which Ischia is famous for. The full tour around the island covers a distance of about 15 miles thus, making it easy to visit and spend a couple of days on its coasts.

Procida, Ventotene & Santo Stefano

Given the short distance that separates them, only 2 miles, Procida is the next destination. Other than its gorgeous sea, it kept the seafarer atmosphere intact.
Following the itinerary we will navigate towards the Pontine Islands Archielago. Its closest island, about 25 miles, is Ventotene. Here you can enjoy limpid waters, peace and tranquillity. On the island time seems to have stopped and you can enjoy a unique setting.

The island is also a witness of a millenary history, that started when Ulysses listened to the mermaids sing along its coasts. Rich in archaeological remains from the roman times: the Roman port- dug in the tuff, the fishpond and villa Giulia. It is worth a visit to delve into its territory and discover its flora, the lentil crops, the panoramic views and cliffs where numerous migratory birds nest. The walk will be pleasant also because the island is only 2.9km long. For scuba diving fans it is possible to dive accompanied by expert guides and discover the wonderful marine flora and fauna.

Only half a mile away from Ventotene, there is the islet of Santo Stefano, completely uninhabited, that welcomes you with a cultural and historic itinerary that will not leave you indifferent. Here you can visit the remains of the imposing Bourbon-era penitentiary. In Ventotene there are two ports: Porto Romano and Cala Rossano and there are many places at anchor. Though you must respect the rules and regulations because the whole area is part of a Natural Reserve.


Island of unmatched beauty, only 20 miles away from Ventotene is without doubt one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It has a large number of bays with a bottom suited for anchorage. Another aspect of the lovely Ponza are the particularly clear colours that contrast perfectly with the clear waters.
Unfortunately, there is no equipped port on the island for pleasure boats. Though it has a marina dug in a natural inlet that is always full of local boats. You can moor next to some of the floating wharfs that get equipped during summer time. Alas, they have little availability.The inlet of the port is nonetheless very wide and you can remain at anchor in the harbour in order to disembark by tender.

For an unforgettable evening and a wonderful aperitivo onboard, we suggest the harbour in the Frontone bay. It is the most trendy on the island and can only be reached by boat. In the middle of the beach there is a bar that plays lounge music through the day and at night it becomes a real outdoor club.

The most famous and expressive bay of the Ponza island is Chiaja de Luna. Situated on the western side of the island, it is advisable to spend a night, particularly if it is a full moon. Thus, you can enjoy the show of reflected lights on the white rocks that plunge in to sea of various shades of blue – a truly inspiring landscape.
On the West side of Ponza after Chiaja di Luna, you cand admire other coves. For instance: Cala dell’acqua, Cala Feola – with its natural pools –  as well as Cala Inferno, Arco Naturale and Punta Incenso.


Only 5 miles from Ponza there is the beautiful Palmarola. Here the wild nature is owner of the island and there are no housing settlements. Only in Cala del Porto, a beautiful inlet also known as Cala del Francese, you will find a bar and a restaurant (open only during summer season). other than a few houses carved into the rock or created inside caves. The most beautiful Palmarola bay is definitely Cala Brigantino, south of the island. It regales you with a beautiful progression of caves and passages that give the water particularly intense colours. On the Northern part of the island tall rocky walls, fashioned by crashing waves and sculpted by the winds are reminiscent of majestic Gothic cathedrals And for this unique resemblance they are called La Cattedrale.

Although it does not offer sheltered bays and is completely uninhabited and surrounded by cliffs, the island of Zannone, the northernmost of the archipelago, is worth a visit for a swim in its intense blue waters.

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