Honey moon on a catamaran

Not far from our Salerno base you will find places of richness and unequalled beauty. Alongside with the high-quality range of our boats, these are the main reasons we have created ‘The Honey Moon’ special offer.

Imagine an evocative and fascinating honey moon aboard a luxurious catamaran exclusively for you. Namely, having candlelit dinners lulled by the sea in a splendid bay under the starry sky. To visit some of the most exclusive cities and to take part in preorganized activities and shore-excursions. And why not a relaxing day at the spa on Ischia Island.

Our programs are easy to personalise. They anticipate the exclusive use of the catamaran just for the couple. The crew is composed of Skipper, sailor and a Chef. Moreover, an itinerary is also studied and agreed to make possible to book ahead the shore-excursions, as well as the spas and the restaurants .

The minimum length of a Honey moon cruise is 4 days.

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